New license types

by Kamil Kuzminski

I am pleased to announce the introduction of the new license types. From now on there are two license types in the shop:

  1. The regular license grants you a permission to use the product in one non-profit or commercial project. This license type is suitable for individual users as well as agencies that use product occasionally.
  2. The extended license grants you a permission to use the product in unlimited number of non-profit or commercial projects. This one is a perfect choice for the agencies that create a lot of websites and use the product often.

The desired license type can be selected when adding the product to the cart. The regular license can be purchased multiple times whereas the extended license only once per user. All of your subscriptions can be tracked in the My Products section in the user panel.

All existing customers that have purchased products before this day are granted the extended license out of the box, so they are allowed to use the products in unlimited number of projects just like previously.

Important note

Because of the licensing changes the users are requested to update their Codefog Licenser extension to version 1.1.0 or higher.

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