Slick is a brand new extension for the Contao Open Source CMS that enables you to implement the last carousel you’ll ever need. Slick is easy to install, a joy to use, and full of features and configuration options to optimize your experience.

Slick features horizontal, vertical and fade modes; allows for slides to contain images, HTML content and/or video; has lazy loading on demand; and offers full callback API and public methods. Slick uses CSS transitions for slide animation with native hardware acceleration; has both mouse dragging and fully accessible arrow key navigation; supports multiple browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, iOs, Android, and IE9+; comes fully themed and manages to pack all of this incredible content and versatile features into a small file size.

For the detailed descriptions please visit the official website.

Note: the module requires jQuery. Make sure you have enabled it on the page which you want to use the tabs on. The script can be included in the page layout settings.