Isotope product rating


In addition to the simple product rating by clicking star, as of version 1.1.0 you can also enable the product comments. See the chapters below to find out how to configure that.

Enable comments

The comments feature can be activated in the rating configuration. After you click the Enable comments checkbox, the new fields will appear. Here you can choose which templates will be used to render the comment list and the form. In addition, you can choose the notification message that will be sent when the administrator replies to the comment.

If you would like to enable the rating only with comments and disable the on-click-rating you can do that by checking the Read only rating widget checkbox. This will make sure you will not receive anonymous ratings as visitors will have to provide their name, e-mail address and the comment text.

When using comments, you may also want to consider changing the Publish settings from automatic to manual in order to avoid the abuse or spam content being displayed on the website. In that case you should setup the notification as well which will notify you when there is a new comment to review.

Backend management

The comments are an integral part of rating, which means you can manage them in the rating list view. Using the buttons on the right you can edit, delete and publish/unpublish each record.

Reply to comments

As an administrator you can reply to the product comments. To do that, simply edit the comment and provide your reply. You can also decide whether the notification to author should be sent or not (the one that is configured in the rating settings).

Template adjustments

Once the comments are enabled in the rating configuration, you can display them in the template:

<?= $this->getCommentList($this->product) ?>

To display the comment form:

<?= $this->getCommentForm($this->product) ?>