The bxSlider extension for Contao Open Source CMS integrates the best and most flexible slider script on the market with the Content Management System you know and love in this adaptable answer to your needs. This extension is a snap to install, is extraordinarily user friendly and offers unparalleled versatility.

Some of the bxSliders many features include its ability to adapt to any device. Multiple modes: vertical, horizontal and fade. Slides can contain anything from images, to videos, to HTML content, and it uses CSS transitions for slide animation with native hardware acceleration. There’s built in touch and swipe support built in, as well as full callback API and public methods. All this and small file size, fully themed, simple to implement, this plugin has a dazzling array of configuration options. Compatible with a variety of browsers including: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, iOS, Android, IE7+.

For the detailed descriptions please visit the official documentation and the examples.

Note: the module requires jQuery. Make sure you have enabled it on the page which you want to use the tabs on. The script can be included in the page layout settings.